While, at installation, all Lingl products are set up for optimised performance, after a couple of years in production it makes sense to undertake diagnostic testing to confirm that your production system remains optimised.

At Lingl UK, our optimisation personnel use state-of-the-art equipment to undertake a series of key tests covering vibration, compressed air leakage and heat radiation. It’s a highly efficient operation as all testing can be carried out without stopping production.

Vibration Diagnosis

Vibration diagnosis enables you to identify changes within the operating behaviour of your machinery and take action before major problems arise. Early detection of issues such as out-of-balance or damaged roller bearings and lubrication failures in expensive drive units can help avoid costly repair and downtime.

Diagnosis can be managed in two ways – continuously, using permanently-installed sensors or on an ad-hoc basis by our service technicians using mobile testing equipment.

Having accurate information available also allows you to create a timely schedule of condition-oriented maintenance work.

Compressed Air Leakage

Compressed air is one of the most important and expensive energy sources used in the heavy clay industry and losses through leakage can have a significant impact on your energy costs.

Leakage can occur in many areas such as at screw connections, couplings, insert connectors, hoses, valves, cylinders, maintenance units, compressed-air tools, blow guns and pipes.

Our technicians use the latest ultrasonic measuring equipment to detect air leaks which are marked and fully documented. Eliminating these leaks not only delivers direct cost savings it also helps extend the lifespan of your compressor system.

Heat Radiation (Thermography)

Statistics compiled by insurance companies show that around 30% of all fires in industrial plants are caused by defective electrical systems.

In addition to fires, overloaded cables, defective distribution boxes and fuses together with damage caused by loose clamping connections are all prime causes of disruption to production as well as being a danger to life.

That’s why our thermographic testing focuses on detecting heat radiation in electrical switchgear and cable routes as well as covering all mechanical components, process equipment and systems.

With heat radiation invisible to the naked eye, regular thermographic testing is vital as it not only minimises production downtime but also maximises the safety of your workforce.

Manager Information System

The Lingl MIS is smart software that detects technical and non-technical efficiency losses in your operations enabling you to clearly identify where action is required to optimise production.

The MIS comprises two integrated programmes. The first communicates with the lower-level SIMATIC control systems and collates production data centrally, while the second evaluates this database and converts it into tables or graphs.

Production data is displayed at 15 minute intervals over a period of 24 hours and can be converted, presented and printed into a wide range of records and reports to suit your individual plant configuration and requirements. As a result, you always have a clear and accurate picture of production performance across every section of your plant.

The Lingl MIS does far more than simply collate data, it puts you in total control of your production performance and provides you with all the information you require to build quality into your operations over the long term.