LINGL UK has once again proved to be partner of choice for the American brick industry with Endicott Clay Products placing an order for a New Pack Blending Machine for its Nebraska Plant which produces Face Brick, Thin Brick, Tile, & Pavers.

The machine has been engineered to an extraordinarily high standard of efficiency and flexibility and is designed for manual operation utilising a wireless hand control unit, with the option for future automation into semi-automatic or automatic operation.

02-5477-00(endicott lifting machine)2

02-5477-00(endicott lifting machine)3

The machine specification allows for a fork gripping device to travel approx. 22m longitudinally by 12m transverse allowing it to cover an area of 250 m2 encompassing 8 kiln cars. This guarantees 100% blending of packs.

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Endicott has been making high quality clay products for nearly a century with architects choosing their products for their unique colours, textures and sizes available.