Earlier this year, LINGL UK successfully completed the hand-over of a new Multi-deck Kiln Car Cleaner to Boral Brick USA, one of the most important manufacturers of wall bricks in America with 21 plants across 8 southern US States.
The new automatic kiln car cleaning machine will clean and help maintain the newly-refurbished fleet of kiln cars at Boral’s Bessemer Plant which produces stiff extrusion bricks.



The machine will systematically clean the refractory draught blocks before removal and off-line storage by means of a travelling fork gripper. Cleaning of refractory girder support blocks then takes place before removal by travelling gripper. Finally, the lower refractory deck is cleaned and the kiln car reassembled in reverse order ensuring precise positioning of refractory.

The kiln car cleaning machine has been engineered to an extraordinarily high standard of efficiency and flexibility, with a total cycle time of 10 minutes per kiln car.



By working closely together and carefully considering every detail of the design and implementation process, the LINGL UK and Boral teams have made this important project a real success for both businesses. Yet again, LINGL UK has proved to be a highly capable partner for the American brick industry.