Founded in 1964, the Hans Lingl UK main headquarters have been based in Congleton, Cheshire for well over 50 years. Following sustained growth and success, Lingl now employee around 385 people and with continued development, Lingl now offer an expansion of increase plant optimization services including;

  • Plant Optimization
  • Projects & Machine Upgrades
  • Robot Servicing
  • Preventative Maintenance Packages
  • PLC Upgrades
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Training Schools
  • NEW – Remote Service Plus, Process Analysis
  • NEW – Process Analysis

Rope & Chain Lift Drives & Travel Drives

Lingl UK engineers can complete sub assembly in very short conversion times. This can increase energy efficiency and the possibility of increased performance for both rope & chain left drives and travel drives. The fall protection can be also be retrofitted.

Turn Drive Conversion & Replacement

Our in-house dedicated service team mean Lingl UK can offer a complete sub assembly in very quick turnaround times for both turn drive conversion and replacements. Our engineers can complete a full replacement of existing Flender gearbox by ZAE gearbox. ZAE are almost identical in design to Flender. We can also provide a full turn drive conversion to SEW gearbox subject to enough space being available.

Direct Drive Systems

Lingl UK can also offer conversion of carriages with travel drive racks, pinion gears & steel wheels to direct drive systems. We will supply all the required direct drive elements and the existing rail replacement. The drive and idler wheels are Vulkollan. The advantages to this are less wear, low-noise when in operation, increased energy efficiency and a possible increase in overall performance.

Lingl UK Plant Optimization & Service

Our highly-experienced in-house Service Team of process engineers, electronics specialists and mechanics can provide you with comprehensive servicing on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing contract. The servicing plan is always tailor-made to optimise your machine assets and delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your business.

Our highly experienced, in-house specialist service team can provide you with a comprehensive plant optimisation and service on a one-off basis or part of on ongoing contract. All servicing is planed in a tailor-made way to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective performance.

For all plant optimization and servicing, please contact Lingl by filling out our contact form, or you can give our UK headquarters a call on 01260 277711