More than just aerial photography, a drone survey will reduce costs and eliminates the danger when traditionally surveying and inspecting roofs, quarry surveys and inspections.

Using a fully qualified LINGL UK training pilot, LINGL UK provide drone surveys who have completed CAA accredited ground school and flight assessment training. This means LINGL UK can evaluate the safest and most efficient way to survey your plant and quarry.

Lingl Drone surveys offer many advantages including;

Lower Cost – Drone research is often cheaper because installations don’t need to be shut down, inaccessible areas become accessible, data acquisition is faster, the workforce & equipment in the field are reduced.

Faster Data Acquisition – Drones can perform surveys or inspections on the surface or in the air in a much shorter time span because less people & equipment are involved.

Survey of Inaccessible Locations – Lingl UK drones drone can fly where people or vehicles have limited or no access, such as fragile roofs or chimneys.

Risk Reduction – An estimated 621,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work according to self-reports. The use of drones for specific monitoring & inspection tasks now performed by people can significantly reduce these risks.

LINGL UK Drone Surveys

Having upgraded our training, LINGL UK can offer expert-led courses for between 2-8 people on a wide range of Drone machines and equipment including Siemens S7, Drives and Robots.

For a quote for a Lingl drone survey, please give our Cheshire headquarters a call on 01260 277711 or fill out our enquiry form.

For more information, please take a read of our Lingl Drone Survey leaflet.