Back in 2010 Lingl made the decision to transfer its technical know-how to Kiln car cleaning systems to the advantage of the customer. With this cleaning system LINGL broadens its supply of equipment for the production of heavy clay building materials thus strengthening its position as a full-range supplier.

LINGL now has successfully installed 10 systems around the world with many more customer orders currently in production.

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The usage of the LINGL kiln car cleaning system offers several advantages for the operation of brick plants. The life span of the refractory decks is increased due to regular cleaning of the kiln cars after every kiln passage. Sand and brick debris which would otherwise penetrate into the joints of the kiln cars are gently removed.

The fully automated system reduces time and effort which are required for the manual maintenance of the kiln cars.

LINGL has the know-how and the experience in the design of refractory deck block lifting systems for a total cleaning solution. The LINGL cleaning systems have been designed in order to adapt individually and in a simple manner to various kiln car designs.

The dust extraction systems supplied meet all latest dust particle exposure regulations and each system is delivered ready to use with a cyclone extraction filter unit for dust and particle separation. This includes a reverse jet system for self cleaning of the extraction unit filters, a choice of bag or cartridge filters are available.

The LINGL cleaning system is equipped with special lateral nozzles for thorough cleaning of the kiln car lateral sealing blocks, in order to increase the life span of the kiln labyrinth.

For the designers of the LINGL kiln car cleaning system the most important aim was to make sure that this system will meet the same quality features as all other equipment and systems of LINGL. The cleaning system integrates into LINGL factories without any problems. This also applies with the compatibility of the well-established and user-friendly LINGL machine control system MBV on the basis of Siemens Simatic S7 hardware (alternative control systems are also available).

LINGL also offers its cleaning system as a stand-alone solution as well. This enables potential customers to combine this system with existing car circulation systems of other suppliers.

The stand alone control system design complies with current EN standards. The control provides direct access to the machine functions via an operator touch screen panel and standard controls. The cleaning system carries CE markings for Europe as well as the UL certificate for the American market.

As with all LINGL solutions the worldwide servicing of the system is carried out by the reliable LINGL service team.