Boral USA contacted LINGL UK to investigate the existing non-Lingl kiln car cleaner system installed at their Augusta plant in Georgia USA which had been out of commission for approximately five years.

Boral had recently made the decision to refurbish the decks on their complete kiln car fleet making the re-instatement of the kiln car cleaner a matter of urgency. However, due to the limited budget available for the project, Boral sought a partner who would consider an upgrade of the existing machine.

During the planned refurbishment there would also be a period of time where both old-style cars and newly-refurbished cars with different deck blocks would be circulating through the plant.

Kiln Car Cleaner 1 Kiln Car Cleaner 2 Kiln Car Cleaner Upgrade 3

Having decided to transfer its technical know-how to cleaning systems in 2010, the LINGL UK designers and fitters had the experience to work closely with the client to create the perfect solution. As a result, a previously unusable machine was reinstated and will service Boral’s needs for years to come.